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Our Completed Mining Projects

With strong mining credentials and experience, Indus’ collaborative approach with clients ensures each project is tailored to meet its unique operating environment, supported by fit for purpose management systems.

Pajingo Gold Mine

Charters Towers, Queensland

Indus completed the 1 million BCM Janet A and 2.5 million BCM venue/VNU pits at Pajingo Gold Mine. Indus’ scope included load and haul operations, drill and blast remediation/rehabilitation of PAF dump and transport of ore to the Pajingo Mill. A new open cut mining area was developed where a further 2.5 million BCM of gold bearing ore and waste was removed.


  • 2010 – 2013
  • $36 Million
  • Evolution Mining
  • Gold Mining

Coogee Gold Mine

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

This project included the operation of an open pit gold mine, establishment of site facilities, transport of the mined ore by road for treatment and closure activities. The mine operated day and night shifts with 120 tonne excavators loading a fleet of 50 tonne articulated dump trucks carting ore and waste to stockpile.


  • 2013-2014
  • $8 Million
  • Ramelius Resources
  • Gold Mining

Cornishman Pit

Southern Cross, Western Australia

The project has extended the existing pit to the south and west to a depth of  approximately 130m. Indus utilised a mix of 657 scrapers, 200 tonne and 120 tonne class excavators and 777 dump trucks supported by smart drill technology to achieve Hanking Gold’s schedule of over one million tonnes per month.


  • 2014-2016
  • $58 Million
  • Hanking Gold
  • Gold Mining

Mount Magnet Gold Mine

Mount Magnet, Western Australia

Indus provided mining services at the site from 2011, with the scope of works including drill and blast services, load and haul of waste and ore, and shaping of waste dumps at the Blackmans, Titan and Brown Hill pits in the Mt Magnet tenements.


  • 2011-2017
  • $253 Million
  • Remelius Resources
  • Gold Mining

Kathleen Valley Gold Mine

Leinster, Western Australia

The Kathleen Valley Gold Mine is located approximately 900km north-east of Perth (via Mt Magnet) and 60km north-west of
Leinster in the Northern Goldfields, in Western Australia. The mining contract was for 1½ years where Indus developed small open cut pits adjacent to the long abandoned gazetted town site of Kathleen Valley.


  • 2015-2016
  • $28 Million
  • Ramelius Resources
  • Gold Mining

Axehandle Open Pit

Southern Cross, Western Australia

The project consisted of one open pit mined in two stages with the ultimate pit being 1.1km long by 350m wide to a depth of
160m. Indus undertook all of the clearing and grubbing using a mix of 657 scrapers, 200 tonne and 120 tonne excavators and
777 dump trucks supported by smart drill technology to achieve a schedule of over 625,000 BCM per month.


  • 2015-2017
  • $91 Million
  • Hanking Gold
  • Gold Mining

Imperial Majestic Pits

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Indus was awarded a contract in March 2016 to provide mining services at its Imperial/Majestic Project site, approximately 50 kilometers east of Kalgoorlie. The project involved establishing a gold mine at the greenfield site and mining of the Imperial and Majestic pits over a 25-month period using excavators and dump trucks.


  • 2016-2018
  • $49 Million
  • Silver Lake Resources
  • Gold Mining

Woornack Rownack Pirro (WRP)

Ouyen, Victoria

Indus successfully mined mineral sands at two pit locations at the WRP mine site in Ouyen, Victoria. The deposit stretches for
14km over a number of soft dunal sands. By using a combination of conventional trucks, excavators, scrapers and tractor scoops, Indus increased the efficiency of the mine whilst minimising costs and environmental impacts.


  • 2011-2016
  • $180 Million
  • Iluka Resources
  • Mineral Sands Mining

North and South Capel Iron Concentrate Excavation Works

Capel, WA

Located 5 km north of the Capel in WA at Iluka Resources Ltd main processing plant in the south west. Indus Mining was contracted to dry and remove iron oxide powder from and number of secondary product dams. This material was then stockpiled ready for shipping to steel producers overseas.


  • 2014-2019
  • $12 Million
  • Iluka Resources
  • Load and Haul

Yoganup Rehabilitation

Capel, WA

Indus has been contracted to complete all earthworks associated with the return of disturbed areas back into dairy pasture. These areas include site roads, laydown areas, open pits, stockpiles and tailing dams. This work is being completed with a combination of dozers, trucks, an excavator and a tractor scoop.


  • 2018-2019
  • $3 Million
  • Iluka Resources
  • Mine Rehabilitation

Tutunup Rehabilitation Earthworks

Busselton, WA

Indus has been contracted by Iluka Resources Ltd to rehabilitate the Tutunup South Mine Mineral Sands Mine.
Running for 28 month, Indus is completing all bulk material movements in line with our clients Landform Restoration Plans (LRIP). The site rehabilitation work includes backfilling all pits, soil profile all disturbed areas, cleaning and rehabilitating 14 slime dams and reinstating sensitive wetlands.


  • 2018-2019
  • $10 Million
  • Iluka Resources
  • Mine Rehabilitation

Douglas and Echo Mines

Horsham, Victoria

This project involved the mining of ore and waste from multiple pits at the Douglas and Echo mines, along with ore feed to a client mining unit on a 24/7 basis. A large fleet of equipment, including excavators, trucks, dozers and loaders were used to complete the works.


  • 2010-2012
  • $74 Million
  • Iluka Resources
  • Mineral Sands Mining and Orefeed

Tutunup South Mineral Sands Mine

Busselton, Western Australia

This mine is located 15km south if Busselton in Western Australia. Indus successfully mined ~15mbcm of ore and waste sand using excavators and dump trucks over a seven year period for Iluka Resources Ltd. Mining occurred on two sides of a national highway, with over 60,000 safe haul truck crossings. This was a greenfields site. Indus completed all site civil works such as road and tails dam construction prior to the start of mining. Throughout mining Indus also cleaned and maintained 14 slimes dams.


  • 2010-2018
  • $67 Million
  • Iluka Resources
  • Mineral Sands Mining including Relocation of Wetlands

Nullagine Iron Ore JV

Nullagine, Western Australia

The BC Iron Mining project is located at Nullagine approximately 296km south-east of Port Hedland. The contract involved surface mining of ore and waste up to 10
million tonne per annum, the design and commissioning of a full electric drive crushing and screening plant, surface mining
of mesas, load and haul, and blending and processing of DSO product.


  • 2010-2015
  • $386 Million
  • BC Iron
  • Iron Ore Mining including Crushing & Screening

Cockatoo Island Iron Ore Project

Cockatoo Island, Western Australia

Indus was responsible for all operational mining and civil infrastructure services to the iron ore project, including drill and blast, loading, haulage and processing of ore for direct shipping. All other management aspects of working in a remote location including camp, air travel and barge deliveries on and off the island were also managed by Indus.


  • 2012-2015
  • $129 Million
  • Pluton Resources
  • Ship Loading and Crushing & Screening

Yarrabee Coal Mine

Bowen Basin, Queensland

Works consisted of removing 4.5 million BCM of pre-strip overburden to top of coal over a six month period. Works were in the
DOM 1, DOM 2 South and CE pits. Indus coordinated closely with the client’s engineering department on mining operations to accelerate and achieve annual
coal targets.


  • 2012
  • $24 Million
  • Yancoal Australia
  • Coal Mining

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