Indus Mining Pty Ltd was formerly known as Watpac Civil and Mining, which was part of Watpac, a national construction and property development company. Watpac Civil and Mining had been operating in Western Australia since 2009 and had carried out many civil and mining jobs for junior, mid-tier and major mining clients (See our "Past Projects" page for a snapshot).

In January 2019, BESIX, a Belgium-based international construction contractor acquired Watpac, and during the restructuring phase, Watpac sold off the Watpac Civil and Mining entity to Remagen Capital, a private equity and investment firm based in Sydney with assets and interests in mining, mining services, forestry and agriculture. Remagen Capital subsequently renamed the company to Indus Mining.

Indus Mining, with sister company Habrok Mining both owned and led by Remagen Capital directors, is anticipating strong growth as we consolidate our business model as mining services contractors with the ability to directly invest and fund the project. This business model is a strategic driver that will see our market position expand as we partner with exploration companies and junior and mid-tier mining companies that require a contractor who can realise the whole spectrum of the mining value chain.